Housing Indicators

Data structure and availability

Codebooks and descriptive information for each indicator can be found on each indicator’s page. Most data collected for this project are freely available for download. All users must abide by the terms of use from the original source of the data.

Data are available in csv files with countries as observations (rows) and housing indicators as variables (columns). Each data source is available in a separate csv file (accessed via a submenu for each indicator) and has a separate codebook. For some indicators with multiple sources we have also provided a merged csv file, typically with a codebook describing any methodological issues such as how we dealt with conflicting data from multiple sources.


Data collection for this database was completed in mid-2017 and there is currently no funding to incorporate additional years.

Corrections and clarifications to the data will be made by project staff as they are discovered. Please let us know if you discover any errors (info@housingmetricsdatabase.com).

Citation information

At a minimum, we recommending citing the data in the text as (ORIGINAL SOURCE obtained from Brauner-Otto 2017). With the following citation in the reference list:

Brauner-Otto, Sarah R. 2017. HoMe: Housing Metrics Database. (database). www.housingmetricsdatabase.com. Accessed DD/MM/YEAR.

For example, for the mortgage debt ratio we recommend (Hypostat data obtained from Brauner-Otto 2017).